Ana Bass


Sometimes I wonder if I was a victim of a contagious disease…BEING AN ARTIST!

During my 20’s I found myself immersed in the LA artist community not as an artist, but as an observer and supporter.

At that time, my brother, my boyfriend and their friends were all part of the LA art scene.

It was only after I left the LA area that my own personal creativity was unleashed as I explored a variety of genres to release me. It was a drive I had no control over and it propelled me into my own world of art. I began as a ceramic junky and moved on to wearable art. From there I began painting, then adding collage and encaustics to my painting. I fell in love with the figure and abstracting the figure. I view myself as a “colorist”.  No matter what media I use, color is my language.

My eyes are my schooling and my heart gathers inspiration. I fell in love with the works of the Bay Area Figurative Movement artists (Neri, Oliveira. Diebenkorn, Bischoff and Brown). Their paintings touched me deeply. They made me want to paint. My instructors/mentors, (Joel Bass, David Limrite, Jerry McLaughlin,David Procheska, Marian Stevens, Susan Burgunder, Flo Bartel. Tricia Reichert. Steve Herbekian. Bevan Herbekian) gave me the knowledge, the support and the advice, which aided me in discovering my personal voice as a painter. Through my commitment to my art I freed myself from the shadows of others fame and creativity and on to my own passion which is currently on display.