Brigette Adell Parzych

Life and Art are Inseparable

My exploration in visual art is a joy, a form of meditation, and a practice in present moment awareness. I love to create a playful beauty out of the materials I use. My work is a blend between the seen and the unseen and the evolution between memory and imagination.

I am a wife and mother, first and foremost, and feel very fortunate to evolve with such amazing humans. I have lived in New Mexico, Utah, and California. The vibrant colors of nature, flora, and cultural art are part of my rooted inspiration. Aside from the basic art classes in grade school, and my love for sketching/doodling (mostly doodling), my first art class was in college. That was my epiphany and I changed my major from business to fine art. Studying art at a college level was an incredible experience, and I was honored to receive a Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Utah.

My first business venture was at the age of five. I would paint rocks, attach flowers to them, and sell them in my front yard. I thank all my buyers (mostly college students) for funding my candy store budget.

Currently, my focus is painting, photography, and mixed media. I hope to inspire others to discover their own passions and artistic journey.

Instagram: @adellarts