Missy Reitner Cameron

modern landscapes

Missy is constantly looking to simplify her life. Not in the declutter or clean up the knickknacks way, but by quieting the eyes. She is  looking to simplify what she sees and translate this need for simplicity in a visual manner. As a human with a lot of emotions living in a world with nonstop stimuli and noise, Missy feels a need to create images that calm in their simplicity. “My paintings are based on both photos I take while traveling in Wyoming, driving through Utah and Arizona, or just walking through my life. Not all the places I paint exist but they all mimic places I love to be”. Missy is also into painting skulls so you might see a few of those around her studio. She finds simple beauty in both human and animal skulls, especially when overlapping them to create new shapes. When not in her coveralls painting Missy’s converse clad feet can be found hanging with her kiddo, riding motorcycles with her main man or just chilling in the bath…it’s her favorite spot in town.

Instagram: @missyreitnercameron