Teréz Tyni


Increasingly known and respected for her bold, spirited style and use of vivid color, Teréz Tyni’s oil paintings capture the vibrancy and rich background of California’s Central Coast, European landscapes, French and Italian scenes, while often inviting figures into them.

Drawn to the relationship between movement and energy, Teréz loves the idea of creating landscapes with abstract shapes and color representing mood. Her collectors often say her paintings capture the kind of emotion that allows them to walk into the painting and create their own story. She credits local artists, Anne Laddon, John Barnard, Sally Tippman for their mentorship and encouragement, and notes the influence of Ken Christensen, Michelle Byrne, and renowned Napa artist Beverly Wilson.

Teréz participates in exhibitions and art shows along California’s Central Coast. Her work is on permanent display in San Luis Obispo at UpperCrust Trattoria. www.uppercrustslo.com

Instagram: @tereztyniartist
Website: tereztyni.com